Of course, what style works for one man, doesn’t always work for another. However, when it comes to dressing well, there are a few solid suggestions that men can follow to look their best.

Dressing well is an aspiration many men have, and it can be the simplest things that can make or break an outfit. Follow this dress guide to attract the right attention with your personal style.

Find your inspiration

To start off, look for some inspiration from people that are doing it well. And we aren’t just talking about celebrities, who have their own professional stylists and an unlimited budget. No, you can gain inspiration from people around you or social channels and persons that deal with men's fashion.

There is nothing wrong with imitating a style and adapting it in a way that will make you feel your best.  

Know your size and fitting

Knowing your size that best fits your body shape will enhance your overall appearance. You could be wearing on-trend and stylish clothing, but if you are not getting the fit right, you won't be doing yourself any favours.

Try out different fittings in shirts, jeans and other pieces. If the items are too baggy or tight, change the size and don't be afraid to look at fittings and styles that might work better with your shape. For example, while skinny jeans are stylish, they might not work with your body shape. A looser fit style of jeans might complement your look better.

Work with staples

Next up, you need a wardrobe equipped with the basics. Include plain T-shirts, Oxford shirts, different jeans, some crew neck jumpers and you will have everything you need for a casual wardrobe.

On the smarter side, invest in good tailoring and a few smart shirts and knitwear. If you want to add personality, you'll need to also add in-trend pieces.

Invest in quality shoes

When it comes to smart shoes, opt for classic styles such as brogues, derbies and loafers. The great thing about these styles is that they do not only work well with tailoring, but also a pair of jeans and an Oxford shirt for more smart casual outings. Good quality dress shoes are timeless and can last you 15 years or more, so invest wisely.

For casual styles, you'll need more than one pair of trainers. We'd suggest classic leather styles, which work with jeans and shorts. Smart leather trainers can even be paired with tailoring, if you're brave enough.

Don't forget about your boots for colder months. Every stylish gentleman will own at least one pair of lace-up boots and Chelsea boots, which are timeless and sophisticated.


Following these easy tips will get you well on your way to being a well-dressed man. It really isn't that hard if you spend wisely, invest in versatile items and know how to style these pieces into a great outfit.


July 08, 2020 — John Toulouras