Cleaning Lotion



Suitable for any smooth leather or suede, fabric or any other material with TEX functional membrane trim.


Brush off coarse dust and dirt. Test for compatibility on an inconspicuous patch of material before use. Spray three to four bursts onto the moistened brush and massage into the material in circular movements. Remove any foam residue using a moist cloth, or rinse shoes in tap water. Leave to dry out thoroughly. Clean up the edges of the soles using a brush.


This cleaning and care lotion removes dirt and stains, and is suitable for sensitive material combinations The lotion’s gentle effect is ideal for shoes with special surface finishes that need careful cleaning while preserving the upper material’s natural characteristics as well as fashionable colours. Also suitable for removing stains from water and snow.

Bottle in 100% recycled PET – less virgin plastic used, better for the environment.