At Anatomic & Co, we like to think that Valentine's Day is just a great excuse to eat chocolate, have a glass (or a few bottles) of wine and do something you enjoy, with that special someone in your life. 

It's also an excuse to get some nice new stuff! We're not saying men don't like roses and chocolate, too, but a new pair of shoes is that much better...

So if you want a way to his heart, a pair of shoes should do the trick - and if you don't know his size, just turn over a pair of his shoes when he's not looking!


The detail-oriented man

If your man appreciates the art of dressing well and the craftsmanship of his shoes, he'll be delighted with a new pair of brogues. This classic shoe style has a timeless appeal and can be worn with many outfits, including everything from tailored jeans and a v-neck shirt, to a two-piece suit.

The rugged man

Men who like their boots are likely to be both trendy and masculine. A good pair of dessert boots or lace-up boots will see the receiver through the colder seasons ahead with pure, unadulterated flair. If cared for correctly, they will last as long as you hope your relationship does...

The casual, but cool man 

For the easygoing gentlemen out there, trainers will be at the top of their wish list. A solid pair of trainers will provide both style and comfort unlike any other piece of footwear. Trainers are now widely acceptable for most occasions - a night out in town, smart-casual events and even most work places.

The sophisticated man

A pulled-together gentleman will appreciate a quality pair of Chelsea boots. Regardless of age, size, or personal style, the timeless Chelsea boot deserve a spot on every shoe rack. Available in both leather and suede, they also come in a variety of colours. 

The laid-back man

The skilful blend of comfort and flair make the loafer a favoured style for the laid-back gentlemen. A quality pair of loafers is one of the most versatile and wearable pieces that a man can have in his footwear wardrobe.


If you ask us, nothing can beat a new pair of shoes. Whether you’re a believer in treating your loved one on Valentine’s Day or you think it’s a marketing scam, we’ve got shoes that every man out there will appreciate.

February 01, 2020 — John Toulouras