Shoe Care

Caring for your leather shoes

Shoes, like most things in life, last longer if you give them the correct attention and maintenance. If cared for correctly, your Anatomic Shoes will last for many years to come. Below you will find information about how to take care of your leather shoes.

Suede + Nubuck Shoes

Before wearing your new suede or nubuck shoes for the first time, apply a protective spray to protect them from any stains or water. Give them a good brush before and after using the spray.
Do this every so often to keep up the resistance. If you get a stain or mark on your suede/ nubuck shoes, use a suede/ nubuck eraser to rub out the stain. If you get mud on them, let them dry overnight before brushing them off with a suede brush.

Use a shoe filler

Using a shoe filler helps protect the shoe and ensures the shape is not damaged.

Use a Shoe Horn

Using a shoe horn helps protect the heel and ensures that you don’t scuff the bottom of the soles on a hard surface.

Black Shoes

Use a black wax or cream.

Coloured Shoes

Use a clear or neutral wax or cream to avoid altering the colour and finish of the shoes. Before application of any product shoes should be dry.

Footwear care products

We recommend the use of footwear care products on our shoes. However, make sure you select the correct care product which matches the material/s used in the construction of your shoes. Regular cleaning and polishing of your shoes will maintain the suppleness of the leathers and enhance their good looks.
Suitable products will also help waterproof and weather protect your shoes. In order to protect the leather and provide a high shine finish, leather uppers require regular treatment with a good quality wax cream.