How it all began

Modern technology combined with traditional shoe-making craftsmanship

The brand began with ten styles; now including hundreds of styles covering every single fitting, every single size and every single toe shape. All Anatomic shoes are designed in the UK and then handcrafted in Brazil. The brand continues to grow from strength to strength, having been named Men’s Footwear brand of the year in 2018.

Meet Moema & Joao

Co-founders of Anatomic Shoes, Moema and Joao hail from Franca, one of Brazil’s largest footwear production cities. Upon moving to England more than 25 years ago, they brought with them a heritage of shoe-making, a background of technological innovation and an appreciation of fine quality.

Unbeatable Comfort

“Before launching Anatomic, we would go into many different shoe shops – the poor standard was unbelievable. You’d either find something very cheap or very expensive: there was no in-between. We knew there was a niche market for stylish gentleman who appreciate premium footwear, but didn’t want to spend their whole entire pay check on a single pair of shoes.”

"So in 2004, we brought over sixty pairs of shoes from Brazil and left them in a shop to see the response. They went in just one weekend."

“At the start, we could only pay for our very first trade show with a credit card and travel to different retailers with everything on our motorbike. We also loved to bring Monty, our dog and the inspiration behind our Anatomic & Co logo (mens shoe range), along for the ride.”

Anatomic Gel Technology®

"Our men’s shoes are so incredibly comfortable to wear because of our Anatomic Gel Technology®, developed through 25 years of research."
Its inventor told us, "You need two very comfortable things in your life, because you’re either in one or in the other - your bed and your shoes." - We felt exactly the same way too.

Every single pair of men’s medium, wide or extra wide shoes and boots is 100% handcrafted by highly skilled professional shoemakers, using the finest Brazilian materials. However, the real secret to comfort lies in the way the shoes are made and what they’re made of, based on the unique Anatomic Gel Technology® formula for natural foot movement.
Anatomic Gel Technology® isn’t just about what the soles are made of (which is an exclusive, top secret recipe, just like Coca-Cola’s is), but about how the whole shoe is made.

Every Anatomic & Co sole is 100% rubber and recyclable. Only the finest leathers are used in the shoe, making them very, very soft and highly breathable. Unlike many other shoe manufacturers, we don’t process or chemically treat the footwear.
Anatomic only partners with suppliers who share the same code of ethics, and most of our partners have been with us since the beginning. Whilst we provide our customers with the very best a shoe can offer, we also focus on growing a workforce of professionals who enjoy their craft.


From the origins of its time, Anatomic built up a strong reputation in the men’s footwear category. The ultra-comfortable and fashionable men’s footwear styles won over the hearts of many, who to this day remain loyal to the Anatomic brand. If you have ever worn a pair, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

With a demand to cater for new markets, Anatomic took on the challenge of crafting women's and kids shoes too. The Moema range was created to cater for ladies, while the Bibi range is offered for children. Both proving a great success thanks to their technological innovations.