Water Proofer


Your Ultimate Protection Against the Elements

Materials Matter: Whether your shoes are made of smooth leather, suede, fabric, or any material with TEX functional membrane trim, ShoeGuard has got you covered.

Effortless Application: Keeping your shoes pristine is a breeze with ShoeGuard. Here's how:

1. Preparation: Remove coarse dust and dirt from your shoes.

2. Compatibility Check: Test ShoeGuard on a discreet patch to ensure compatibility with your shoe material.

3. Spray Evenly: Hold the bottle about a foot away from your shoe and spray evenly. Avoid soaking the shoe.

4. Seep In: Allow the product to seep into the material for one to two minutes.

5. Remove Excess: Gently wipe away any excess emulsion from the shoe surface using a microfibre cloth.

6. Let It Work: Leave the treated shoes for at least one to two hours to take effect, or for optimal results, leave them overnight.

Unmatched Protection: Our highly effective waterproofing emulsion shields your footwear from water and dirt, ensuring they stay looking fresh wear after wear. The pump spray provides precise application, delivering short targeted bursts directly onto your shoes. Plus, rest assured knowing that your leather and functional membranes remain breathable post-application.

Eco-Conscious Design: We believe in protecting both your shoes and the planet. That's why our water-based formula is PFC-free and contains no propellant, making it 100% active agents. And with our bottle crafted from 100% recycled PET, you can take strides toward sustainability with every use.

Discover the Difference with ShoeGuard: Where Protection Meets Sustainability